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All products and frameworks of JForce can be used stand-alone, or can be combined to create a versatile and next generation payment architecture. They are all designed with simplicity and security in mind.

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What's Inside

All products and frameworks of JForce share the main architectural drivers, thus minimising risk. They are also built on proven technology.

High Performance

High performance

All of our products are built while questioning industry standard technologies and benchmarking as early as the prototyping stage. This minimises the risk of surprises at the end of the development phase and continuously monitors the performance of all different components.

High Availability

High availability

Since all software is designed to be highly available, different technologies are used throughout the products range. Some of those are developed in house, others rely on off-the-shelf products.

High Security


A keystone in all of our products and services is the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which provides an actionable framework for developing a robust payment card data security process - including prevention, detection and appropriate reaction to security incidents.


The Teams

JForce consists of 6 main teams, grouping technical experts, and advance and spread knowledge in a specific area of knowledge or technology.

  • Consulting
    Consulting team
    Consultancy, Fixed Price Projects, Training

    Our JForce consultants are qualified and experienced software engineers in development, architecture, analysis, training and coaching.

  • Mobile Development
    Mobile Dev team
    Mobile, embedded development

    The mobile developers focus on mobile innovative apps and products, focusing on payment, security and performance on various hardware and software platforms.

  • PCI Team
    PCI SAAS services Team
    Develop & support: PCI compliant SAAS

    The technical engineers maintain and secure our own PCI compliant SAAS environment, and ensure a 24/7 uptime of all JForce products hosted on our PCI environments.

  • Performance Team
    Performance team
    One goal: SPEED & Robustness

    This special interest group focuses on the performance and robustness of the solution, resulting in a selection of prototypes and benchmarks.

  • Security Team
    Security Team
    Development, design, and training

    This team focuses on all security aspects within (payment) software development, being IT hardware, mobile, web, server side, ... Examples of released products are: SSM, the JForce NFC framework, the JForce security framework, ...

  • Payment Team
    Payment Team
    Protocols, card schemes, certification, ...

    All of our payment experts have hands on experience in various international and domestic protocols, card schemes and payment flows.


Job Offers

These are the profiles and positions that JForce is looking for.


Recent Blog Posts

  • Lier Centrumbon
    Centrumbon Lier
    February 09, 2015

    As of November, the city of Lier started with a gift card program which was developed by JForce and facilitated by Het Opzet. The centrumbon has a value of 10 or 25 euro and is printed by use of a Boca printer. They can also be bought via an unattented ticket machine. The centrumbon can be used at more than 100 merchants.

    Read the press release here

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  • CCV Take-over
    JForce, a company of CCV
    November 28, 2014

    We are pleased to announce that, as of Thursday, November 27, JForce is a company of CCV. CCV is a European top company when it comes to payment solutions, and is specialised in transaction processing and omni-channel solutions. The takeover is considered a win-win deal for all parties.

    Read the press release here

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  • Deloitte
    JForce is nominated!
    September 23, 2014

    JForce is nominated by Deloitte to win the price for fastest growing technology company in Belgium. To participate, a company must be at least 5 years old and it must develop and commercialise its own products. In total there are 50 nominees. The winner will be announced on October 22.

    Read the press release here

  • Shop and The City
    Shop and The City
    August 27, 2014

    JForce will start another project in Sint-Truiden as of September 1st 2014, called Shop and The City. Merchants of Sint-Truiden are able to set up their own loyalty schemes, and only one card is used for all participating merchants. Customers can also win a car each month while shopping in Sint-Truiden.

    Video: the first advertisement

    Video: over 10000 registrations!

    Video: satisfied merchants

  • Rockvillage
    JPurse on Rockvillage: Success!
    July 7, 2014

    The implementation of JPurse on RockVillage was a true success. JPurse proved its value to all the visitors, but also to the organisers.

    Click here for pictures!

  • Rockvillage
    JPurse on RockVillage
    June 2, 2014

    JForce will provide RockVillage, the luxurious camping of Rock Werchter, with JPurse, our cashless payment solution. The contract is signed for 3 years.

    Press Release Made In Limburg

    Press Release Corda Campus

  • Ambipas
    Ambipas going live
    April, 2014

    The Ambipas project in Tongeren has taken off. From now on, Ambipas cartholders can start collecting Ambipoints to get reductions at all participating stores in the city of Tongeren. This project is developed by JForce and facilitated by Het Opzet.

  • Certified by VISA
    MPI officially certified by VISA
    December 10, 2013

    VISA states that our 3-D Secure product MPI has successfully completed all necessary requirements of the 3-D Secure Vendor Compliance Testing Program and is completely compliant with the 3-D Secure Protocol.

  • PCI Compliant
    PCI-DSS audit successful
    November 22, 2013

    After audits in October and November, our QSA submitted the Report on Compliance (ROC) as a measure of the information security program. Our payment platform is classified as a level 1 Service Provider.


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